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Monday 27th august 2012,After a long period of grueling negotiations and many years of preparation Carnegie Mellon started what would be the first among many classes of the Masters in IT program with an inaugural class of 24 brilliant minds from all walks of life.

The long quest of Rwandan and in general East African brilliant minds started in 2007 when a need to create ICT hubs became important and Rwanda took the initiative to start this Centre of excellence by identifying Carnegie Mellon as an important player in ICT who can reshape the education and the ICT sector by giving knowledge that will spur innovation and encourage entrepreneurship.

This Historical partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and the Rwandan government as the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame says:  “The CMU campus in Rwanda will offer our citizen and those from the wider region the opportunity to develop the skills for innovation and entrepreneurship which will take our nation forward”

A great team of experienced people came to establish the CMU-R office in the famous Telecom House, which is a strategic location as the building is home to more than 10 IT companies as well as an innovation hub “KLab”, this was a strategic place in line with Carnegie Mellon Rwanda mission in Rwanda where they are aiming to expose the students to the biggest industry players in Rwanda and around East Africa.

“Brilliant minds wanted”, this was the motto when Carnegie Mellon started to receive applications from around the world especially from Africa. Everyone did not know what to expect, the challenge seemed insurmountable but the experienced and energetic team lead by the CMU-R director Bruce Krogh who always reminds the importance of this milestone saying: “The innovation and developments that will provide the foundation for ICT in Africa will not come from Silicon Valley but from innovators and entrepreneurs from Africa who understand the African context, the challenges and the needs”; amazingly achieved the task of recruiting the best among the best brilliant minds that East Africa has got.

The 24 students flocked at CMU eager to learn and become the future leaders in the ICT sector in East Africa. The world class faculty work hard every day to expose the students to knowledge and skills that prepare them to be the leaders and innovative entrepreneurs.

The interaction with regional leaders in different sectors opens horizons to the young brilliant minds of CMU and stimulates them to innovate.

After only a month Carnegie Mellon Rwanda officially started its Masters in IT class, the change can be felt, seen and even after a long and gruesome day of studying these young people still have that sparkle in the eyes, that eagerness to learn and become the great leaders in the IT world of tomorrow and today.

In the future, when CMU relocates to the ICT Park the impact will grow tenfold and the role it plays significantly grow ,all this to make Rwanda the ICT hub.

This being the inaugural class, Carnegie Mellon and the government of Rwanda can only expect world class innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Esther Kunda
ICT entrepreneur, CEO OSCA Connect ltd, passionate about everything that leads to giving an impact to the society. Working on projects that involves advocacy for the youths with the aim of developing my Country

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